Hanshin International Ltd.

With over 21 years of experience in manufacturing products for educational and corporate sectors, Hanshin becomes one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive systems. With innovative approaches and continuous efforts in bringing new ways of teaching & learning, business communication, and also home/public entertainment, we consistently provide a broad range of products in order to enhance and inspire customer’s experience in interactive systems.

惠達企業 Union Enterprises

惠達企業成立於1985年,是一家以香港為總部,提供一站式辦公室採購平台的公司。我們主要的服務對象為香港、國內及澳門各大小企業、機構及分銷商。 我們銷售的產品種類多樣化,如打印機及耗材,辦公室文儀器材及配件、 文具、電腦設備及軟件等等。